I have more internet friends than I do real life ones, so if I mention friends on here it’s usually these people. 

Emily and I bonded over annoying college roommates while I was doing study abroad in Indiana. We like the same things, particularly Josh Hutcherson. We attempted vlogging and failed. But it’s okay, we’re tight. One time I drew here a picture of Katniss Everdeen as Minnie Mouse, and Peeta as another mouse eating a pie. It was epic.

I have no idea how we met on Tumblr, but I’m glad we did. Because, we are literally twins. We were friends for like 4 months before we decided to go on a holiday together…Cardiff had no idea what hit it. We stalked 5 year olds because we thought they looked like Warblers.

Say hello to Pace. Allison is Sarah’s twin, so my triplet! On the infamous Cardiff adventure Allison said that Kelly Clarkson was her idol. We all literally pee’d ourselves in the pub. We like the same things…particularly Jensen Ackles’ behind. 
Maggie is my nerdfighter, hipster friend. We LOVE the Jonas Brothers. Our friendship doesn’t need anymore explaining than that really.
Kristin is my newest friend! We bonded over Big Time Rush, and she enables my addiction. We have epic plans of stalking people all over Los Angeles.